Midwest Boosts Global Aircraft Manufacturer’s Ability to Consolidate and Improve Operations

The Client
A leader in the aerospace industry, this Fortune 100 company designs and manufactures commercial and military aircraft components and structures for its customers across the globe. This international manufacturer is known for its ability to deliver a wide range of innovative, high-quality products and services at cost competitive rates.

The Challenge
To maximize efficiency and streamline operations, this client decided in 2006 to consolidate its widely dispersed warehousing operations into one highly efficient logistics center. It sought a logistics partner capable of not only managing the consolidation of several facilities into one state-of-the-art facility, but also ensuring the new operation ran like clockwork.

The Solution
Based on its proven track record of operating contract facilities for other Fortune 100 companies, Midwest Warehouse (Midwest) was selected to be the aircraft company’s strategic logistics partner. From the outset, Midwest’s non-union employees seamlessly joined forces with the client’s organized aerospace production workers as Midwest helped the client consolidate its six warehouse locations into one central 250,000 square foot facility and store over 90,000 SKUs.

Midwest then began providing the client with time-sensitive logistical services including RF receiving and put away of precision aircraft parts, quality inspection, warehousing of all components, voice-directed picking, kanban kitting and just-in-time delivery to point of installation on the assembly lines. Midwest also ensures immediate fulfillment of critical orders for an average of 1,000 “aircraft on ground” situations each month.

The Results
Since day one, Midwest has maintained an accuracy rate of 99.9% on receiving, kitting, inventory and delivery services. Midwest has also leveraged its experience and operational expertise to help the client:

  • Redesign storage locations to create an efficient “each” pick operation and process over 3,000 orders per day.
  • Redesign packaging for kanban kitting to improve accuracy as well as improve efficiency for the aircraft technician on the assembly line.
  • Exceed the quality standards of the FAA and regulating authorities.
  • Reduce costs and increase flexibility.

The partnership between the aircraft manufacturer and Midwest has flourished. Today Midwest employs 190 people at the client’s facility, oversees the warehouse operations and provides the client with up-to-the-minute tracking status of all deliveries to production lines. In addition, the two firms continue to collaboratively identify innovative ways to enhance operations and reduce costs.