Midwest Helps International Printing Services Company Achieve Logistics Excellence at Multiple Sites

“Midwest Warehouse is a really great company to work with. They are professionals who listen to our needs and quickly respond. They understand our goals and do whatever they can to help us achieve them.”

– Facility Manager, International Printing Services Corporation

The Client
As an international printing, document outsourcing and logistics services provider, this innovative company integrates leading-edge technology in its global manufacturing operations to deliver fast and accurate services to clients worldwide.

The Challenge
To maintain its position as a leading provider of a full range of print and related services, this client is committed to ensuring its customers’ printed materials and products are safely stored and accurately delivered from their point of origin to their final destination. To accomplish this objective, the client established a number of strategically located and networked facilities throughout the U.S. As demand for its products and services continued to grow, the client needed to optimize its logistics operations to keep pace with increased customer demand — without sacrificing quality or driving rates upward.

The Solution
Midwest Warehouse (Midwest) was engaged in 1997 to help the client improve its logistics capabilities at one of its key operations centers. To ensure the client’s needs were fully supported, Midwest established a team dedicated exclusively to providing the client with professional, accurate, timely and cost-efficient logistics services. Over the next five months, Midwest’s team helped the client consolidate two different platforms and successfully integrate two different cultures while also implementing enhanced processes. Working together, Midwest and the client were able to:
• Increase productivity and service levels
• Improve inventory accuracy
• Expedite product delivery
• Eliminate costly incorrect shipments
• Reduce costs

Based on Midwest’s demonstrated ability to drive significant business improvements and decrease costs, the client selected Midwest as its full-time, third-party warehouse provider at the facility. In this role, Midwest was charged with handling the client’s inbound/outbound and inventory process. Soon after, the printing services company engaged Midwest to help strengthen operations at multiple sites across the country.

The Results
Midwest and the client have remained trusted partners since 1997. Over the years, Midwest has helped the printing giant dramatically streamline operations, implement best practices and increase profitability at locations in five states. “Midwest is really proactive — not only in their services, but in helping us manage operations. They are sincere in making sure we are doing things right. If something is dysfunctional, they help us identify the issue so it can be resolved quickly, which in turn reduces our operating expenses,” said the client’s facility manager. “They also played an important role in helping us meet Six Sigma project management objectives.”

To ensure it continues to provide the highest degree of customer service and accurate, on-time and damage free shipments, Midwest closely monitors operational financial metrics and provides the client with 11 daily KPI reports. In 2007, Midwest handled over 2.4 billion pounds of freight for the client and achieved the following KPI metrics:
• Inventory Accuracy – 99.9%
• OS&D Resolution – 24 hrs or less
• Clerical Accuracy – 100%
• Shipping Accuracy – 99.9%
• Safety (lost time) – 1.5 (per 200,000 hr)